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Press Release – 10/12/2018

The news that the number of new houses planned to be built on protected land in Rainford has reduced from at least 1,140 to 259 is very welcome. But there still plenty of issues we ought to be raising when the consultation opens in January, such as:

In the last version of the plan, the number of houses planned for Rookery Lane was 174. Why has it now increased by so much to 259?

259 houses is a huge number that will increase significantly the traffic using Higher Lane (presumably where the access to the new estate will be). Given the existing problems along Higher Lane and especially at the junction with Mill Lane, is increasing traffic to such an extent in the area advisable?

The site in question is grade one agricultural land currently farmed throughout the year. It is arguably one of the most fertile fields in the region. What justification is there for the loss of such a valuable environmental asset?

The lower part of the field is regularly flooded. Any new estate built on that site will need flooding mitigation.

259 new houses could mean as many as 1,000 new residents. This would have a huge impact on Rainford’s schools, surgeries and other facilities.