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Press Release – 05/04/2017

Rainford Action Group Campaigner


Press Release Revealed: St Helens Council’s 77 meetings with housing developers and their £5k payment from Peel Holdings

St Helens Council has held 77 meetings with housing developers looking to build on land in the borough in the last three years, campaigners have learnt. (more…)

Press Release – 05/03/2017

Rainford Action Group Campaigners


Questions over St Helens Council’s claims as 2,000 houses with planning permission go unbuilt in the borough

Developers have failed to start building nearly 2,000 houses that have planning permission in St Helens – despite council claims demand for housing is so great green belt land needs to be released. (more…)

Press Release – 19/02/2017

Rainford Action Group Campaigners


“They’ll hear us even if they won’t listen”: Campaigners to make their voices heard outside council meeting

Campaigners opposed to St Helens Council’s plan to build on the borough’s green belt will make their voices heard outside the next full council meeting.

Groups from across St Helens will gather in Victoria Square outside the March 1 meeting and make as much noise as they can because they don’t feel the council is listening to their concerns. (more…)