Rainford Action Group

Our Beliefs

What you need to know:

  • St Helens Council wants to change the green belt boundary and let developers build at least 1,140 houses.
  • Six large green belt sites across Rainford have been earmarked for housing development – each site is high-quality farmland.
  • No thought has been given to the extra pressure on our roads, surgeries, dentists, drains, or schools.
  • Developers would be free to charge whatever they like for the houses they build. These will not be affordable homes.

Why this green belt grab is wrong:

  • There are 3,500 empty houses in St Helens.
  • St Helens’ population is lower than it was 30 years ago.
  • Home ownership is higher in St Helens than the regional and national average. There is no housing crisis.
  • St Helens Council would receive a huge financial bonus for each new house built. But money would go into a central pot and there is no guarentee it would be spent in Rainford.
  • Important agricultural land and jobs would be lost forever.

What we believe:

  • Rainford Residents would welcome sensible development that encourages investment into the village.
  • What’s not welcome is the destruction of green belt land and the disproportionate scale of these plans.
  • St Helens Council has left Pasture Lane partially closed for more than 12 months.
  • Can we trust them to invest in the village and improve our infrastructure enough (and in time) to cope with at least 1,140 new house?

Help Save Our Green Belt - Make A Donation

We are enlisting the services of a professional planning consultant and are asking for donations to help fund the costs.

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